Tough Love

I’m sitting in the window of Atlantis with Jazzy.  She has monopolized my phone to play monopoly.  Downloaded the app for free last week.  I can get through a whole game in less than 30 minutes, thus evoking memories of staying up late with my best friend Dale in Grade 6, without the ‘staying up late part’.

Jazzy and I are having a good time together – at least that’s what she said after I asked her.  Too soon to say for sure, but she is singing to herself (a good sign).  We’ve been watching episodes of Grimm at night.  I bought her Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales for Christmas.  I made sure the book was old.  600 gold leaf pages.  220 stories.  She took one look at it and wrapped her arms around me so tight, I could barely breathe.  That definitely felt good.

I’ve been easing back into the land of productivity.  Wrote some more pages in my play, and plan to add a new scene within the next day or so.  It’s filling out nicely.

Funny though.  I figure I know all these things about the universal principals of good story telling, and then I go breaking those principals unaware.  I’ve been swimming around with this play on my brain for several months now, and only last night did I realize I don’t have a climax.

Small thing.

I have to push these characters to the limits, but that’s somewhat hard to do when these characters are also manifestations of real people I care about – namely myself and Courtney.  People don’t get ‘Becky’ because she’s on the tail end of her shit and hasn’t been challenged with anything.  That’s a reality I wish to be true for Court, but it ain’t no good for Becky in this story.  Gonna have to put her in the vice and squeeze ‘til she cries.

Tough love.

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