Christmas Morning

It’s Christmas Morning.

I’m at Mom’s.  Jazzy flies in tomorrow.  Grama and Papa are here.  The Queen is giving her annual Christmas message on TV.  It’s good to be home.

I even managed to stay in all day yesterday and do nothing.  Only felt a twinge of guilt.  Ate a lot of home cooking.  Watched three movies.  Played Monopoly on my iPhone.

Today has more of that previously mentioned nothing on the plate, and I have mixed feelings about that.  My stomach’s full.

I’d like to slip away this afternoon and continue work on my ‘Dick’ play.  It was selected to participate in the SPC’s Spring Festival of New Plays earlier this week.  I met with the dramaturge on Tuesday and he gave me some good notes about the draft thus far.  I went ahead on Friday and began salting those notes into the current draft.  I definitely need to write a penultimate scene that doesn’t exist yet (except for snippets in my mind).  After that, I need to have a good hard look at the two women in my play.  I’m worried they’re a bit too much alike, and if so I need to fix that.

I’ve semi-organized a table read for the 30th.  It would be good to have this new draft finished in time for that read.  If it still needs work after that, I’ll try adding alcohol.

Alight, breakfast is ready.  Time to wrap this up.

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