Two Big Meetings Away

One thing at a time, one day at a time.  More than anything, that’s how I like to operate, and more or less, that’s how I’ve been operating this past week.  It feels good.  Good for the clarity.  Good for the career.

Highwaymen has been the only item on the menu.  Met with Rob on Monday, and he’s on board as director.  Met with ACTRA and we have a green light to shoot the football action sequences in the way I propose, without spending a fortune.  Met with SaskFilm and landed a $140,000 facilities deal.  Met with Rhonda and she’s on board, depending on what’s happening with her other projects.  She’s got a Bruce Willis movie and another football movie in the works.  In the meantime she’s agreed to do a budget and help put the pitch package together.  I met with Sara McCudden yesterday, and she’s on board as Production Designer.  Her most immediate job will be to give the pitch package some flash.  I plan to add a few other pieces from Toronto to the team.  Rhonda has some big names in the US that she wants to add as well.  After that, I’ll be meeting with the CFL in Toronto.  Provided that meeting goes well, we use their connections to access a back door into TSN, and if that goes well… well, we could be finding ourselves in Green Light Land.

I’ve gotten everything I asked for thus far.  People dig the creative and believe in the business case.  I’m tapping all my relationships and using everything I’ve learned over the course of my career to bring Highwaymen to the next level.

In a way, it seems quite simple – write a great script, use timing to my advantage, assemble a team, hit the pavement.  In another way, it seems like fantasy – two big meetings away from green lighting the biggest series Saskatchewan has ever seen.

In reality though, it really is that simple.  Not much different from assembling teams around someone else’s big ideas back when I was Producing and Production Managing for WestWind Pictures.

I guess we’ll see how the next few weeks unfold.

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