I am home.

A snow storm in Michigan forced Leach and I to stop for the night in the Northern Peninsula, about 3 hours and 500 kms short of where I wanted to be.  We were doing 40km/h on the the highway before my nerves gave way.  This forced me to pull into Regina at 2am after an 18 hour marathon drive, the next day (also known as Friday night).  Rang Mom’s doorbell and surprised her.  My eyes could barely see straight.

It’s a fitting metaphor for my year.  2011 saw a lot of movement in my life, in a very short period of time.  I know because I marathon read 58,511 words of my blog over the course of the weekend.  That exercise also left me a little bleary eyed, but at least now I can get on with publishing the book of me, volume three project.

The year started with much optimism, but descended towards the depths of despair.  It was the single hardest year of my life.  I just about gave up on myself, before seeing the light!

“Leap and the net will catch you.”

I mused about that phrase in April, forgot about it by May, then actually did it in November.  I sit here now at this table in O’Hanlon’s, and I can very clearly see where I need to be, and how to get there.  No bleary eyes on this journey.

It’s good to be home and to see old faces, places, and dreams.  As Regina’s lights came up over the horizon on Friday night, I felt my heart pound.  I’ve come so far this year.  I have a ways to go, but at least now I can feel the wind at my back.

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