Secret Work Ethic

My work ethic is a secret agent who keeps to the shadows, revealing itself only in the final moments, before a deadline’s about to swoop in for a kill.  When no deadlines loom, my work ethic retreats to a dark place, perhaps a bat cave, or some other superhero type lair.  It puts its feet up and watches reruns of ‘The 6 Million Dollar Man’, fantasizing about having cyborg parts and… oh wait.  That’s me.

The Toronto mission could use a bit more urgency methinks.  I’ve been bogged down writing ‘Dick’ and I don’t like to complicate my day with miscellaneous non-writing tasks when I’m doing that.  The YBCS gig is also weighing in my thoughts.  I cut most if it together yesterday.  With a little luck I’ll finish it tonight – just before heading out to crash the Writers Guild of Canada party.

All good things I suppose, but I need to be doing more to line up meetings.  The window closes in 60 days or so, and there’s also Christmas wedged in there too.  I suppose I can still send emails and make phone calls from home.  Line up meetings for January.  Productive.

Still, I feel haunted somehow.  Perhaps I’ll resolve that feeling with a YBCS video well done.  That’ll leave me with time to focus on my research.  Make a plan with modest goals then follow it.

I’m also going to drop in on the Canadian Football League office.  They’re right downtown.  Pitch ‘Highwaymen’ and get ‘em on board.  Couldn’t hurt to say I have the support of the CFL when I’m approaching bigger production companies with it.  They’re desperate to find a way towards relevance in the Toronto market.  This could be a solution for them.

I’ll need another pass first.  Simple adjustment.  Replace the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in my script with Toronto Argonauts.  Change a couple names as well.  Should only take a few hours.

Seems I have tomorrow plotted out.  Not bad for a half hour’s worth of musing.

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