Thirty-Two Days of Effort

I submitted ‘Dick’ to the Canadian Stage Company’s ‘Festival of Ideas’ yesterday.  I’ll continue to work on it and make it better, but it’s still nice to reach a milestone.  I have to admit, the play’s been haunting me.  I close my eyes at night and I dream I’m in the play (mostly because I am in the play).  I’m writing new scenes, or living new scenes and the whole thing is exhausting.  I need a rest from my sleep.

I fulfilled my desire to get some exploring done.  From Yonge, I walked east for a spell, then south.  The city looks different from that vantage point.  I like that I even recognize it looks different from that vantage point.  I wound up in the Distillery District.  Steven Page (of Bare Naked Ladies fame) gave a free concert.  Lights were going up, a tree was about to be lit, and free beer, whiskey, and cider tasting was afoot.  It was the launch of Christmas in Toronto.  I took the event in with a Jewish filmmaker named Iris.  More than anything, I wanted to be walking through the place with Jazzy.

Wow.  Jazzy.  Two more weeks and I’ll get to see her again.  I already know what I’m getting her for Christmas.  I talk to her on facebook regularly.  Sometimes it feels like she’s already a part of my everyday life out here.  I can’t wait to fly her in someday soon.

I attended the Wildsounds Film Festival at the NFB on Saturday night.  They played seven short films and provided an opportunity for audience feedback.  It was a great way to meet people.  I can’t help but talk at these sorts of things.  Afterwords, they brought out some actors and had them read the first 10 pages of four different screenplays.  Some were good.  Some, not so much.  Again there was opportunity for discussion on each and it was great to exchange with the room, our thoughts on what we just heard.

Afterwards, I was about to step into the subway station, then decided to take a walk down University instead.  Tons of thinky thoughts channelling through my mind.  Toronto looked different from this perspective as well.

Then my phone beeped.  It was Ty.  She was at a bar called ‘Wide Open’, off Spadina, that featured $2.50 drinks ‘til midnight.  I joined her and her friends for a couple gin & tonics.  It was there that I reacquainted myself with Mel Burant.  She’s a Regina actress who moved out to the Big Smoke three years ago.  I invited her to come over on Wednesday to participate in another script reading.

I’m excited about hearing ‘Moment’ out loud once more.  It’s been a few days and I’ll be interested in what The Family thinks of it.

I submitted it to SaskFilm today.  Another milestone.  Thus far I have written a 112 page screenplay, polished a 53 page teleplay, and nearly completed a 52 page stage play.  Not bad for 32 days of effort.

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