Making Introductions

I wrote another scene for ‘Not Being A Dick’.  I stopped before it got preachy, two-and-a-half pages in.  Kind of unexpected.  I just reached an impasse and after doing the usual checking email/facebook, I reread it.  Not sure if I was being lazy, or if it really was an inspired choice, but that very spot seemed like a good way to end the scene.

Two characters draw their lines in the sand and end up where they never thought they’d go.  They moved from where they started and the story didn’t bog down with exposition.  The dialogue is stripped down to the bones and no one is speaking their subtext.  Thus far, everything gets the checkmark.

Does it advance the story?

Not sure.  I put them right up to the edge and left them there.  We don’t get to see if they leap – although the next time we see those characters, we’ll have a pretty good idea.  Guess that makes it a good scene right?

Research is going well.  My spreadsheet is filling out nicely.  I have a list of productions, the parent companies, their creators, the list of writers in order of contribution, the script editors, and the contact information.  I started to see some of the same names popping up.  This is important to me.

When I was at the writers party on Friday, I didn’t know anyone there.  Unless someone introduced themselves as, “My name is bla bla bla and I’m a pretty big deal,” I’d have no idea who I’m talking to.  On the other hand, If somebody actually did introduce themselves like that, they’d probably be a douche bag.  It’s better to know the names methinks.  It’s better to track them down and set up one-on-one meetings, except we wouldn’t call it a meeting.  I prefer the term ‘coffee’.  Another term, ‘drinks’, is even better.

Leach invited me to an ACTRA thing tonight.  Bunch of actors.  Could be interesting.  I plan to introduce myself as “Jarrett Rusnak, an award winning writer/producer/director.”

I kid.

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