Writers Write

I looked into volunteering at Etobicoke School of the Arts.  Drove down, met the principal, learned what I needed to do in order to be cleared for duty.  Drove down to Roncesvalles afterwards and spend two hours writing up my curriculum.  Emailed it off and got Dean to send in a reference as well.  There’s already some interest from the drama department in me.  It’s nice to hear.

I drove down to Liberty Village after that and met with Mike (my distributor).  We didn’t have much shop to talk about.  I just wanted to hang out and keep the channel open.  He even paid for the drinks!  This is why I’ll follow him anywhere.

Last night, the big highlight was the writer’s party.  I closed down the place with three other writers.  Guess what?  They all had Saskatchewan roots.  Closing down bars is something we’re good at.

To be honest, I would have rather stayed home because I’m feeling a bit over-socialized these days.  Every night I’ve been out somewhere, and there’s not much of an end in sight.  I’m going to Megan’s show tonight.  Gotta be supportive.

I set a goal to finish my ‘Dick’ play by December 5th.  The Canadian Stage Company is collecting submissions for The Spring Festival of Ideas (I think that’s the name).  They’re looking for innovative uses of music.  My play suits that description perfectly.  Hopefully something good comes from it.

With the CBC sale buying me time, I’m pondering the possibility of just focusing in my writing, rather than pursue work with other production companies.  Writers write, right?  I finished a screenplay, and I have a play next up.  Maybe another spec script or a feature film after that.  Not sure.  Gotta takes some meetings too.

Be a leaf on the river.  I keep telling myself that.  We’ll see how it goes.

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