Firkin On King

The writer from last night turned out to be Ian Carpenter.  Google him.  He’s done a lot of stuff.  He was more than gracious with his time.  He gave me his card after a few minutes of chatting and told me to drop him a line.

This morning I did just that.  He responded right away.  Told me about a party taking place on Friday in a pub called the Firkin On King.  It’ll be a room full of writers, half of whom are big names, and the other half, people like me, looking to break in.

Aside from lining up a couple of meetings, I didn’t feel like doing much today.  Slept ‘til 9:30 and felt like I could have gone for a few more hours.  Went to the gym and the door was locked.  WTF?  Came home and watched ‘Annie Hall’ by Woody Allen.  It’s a movie David Frankel raved about last night in his seminar.

I’m glad I watched it.  My feature film is odd, and there are a lot of elements it has in common with a lot of other successful odd films.  I don’t know what will happen with it.  All I know is I put it out there.  Hollywood creatures have it now.  I’m hoping the sort who likes Woody Allen will also read mine.

This evening, I attended a seminar featuring Mike White talking about his career.  He wrote Orange County, School of Rock, Nocho Libre, and much more.  Both he and David Frankel place a premium on character development and story design.  Jokes were secondary.  The drama of their comedies was much more interesting to them.  I find that gratifying because I’ve been taking a similar approach to my own work.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about my time here thus far.  It’s gone well beyond my wildest expectations.  I’m not even trying that hard.  Just being me.  Let’s hope this forward momentum continues for a spell.

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