Accidentally walked in on Leach (Megan’s last name) in the shower this morning.  Didn’t see anything.  Nothing awkward either.  She actually apologized for not locking the door.  How cool is that?

So I sat in the kitchen and we talked through the bathroom door.  Small talk type stuff.  I ate breakfast.  She towelled herself.  Eventually I got around to asking if she knew where the Remembrance Day ceremonies would be taking place.

An hour later, I found myself standing in Queens Park.  There was myself and a couple dozen others standing in silence around the War Memorial.  In the distance we heard artillery guns being fired.  It seemed there should have been more people.  Was still nice though.  It’s like we had the monument to ourselves.  Perfect strangers sharing a quiet moment together.  People began to trickle off and I went looking for a larger crowd.

Eventually I found the ceremony.  Mass of humanity.  Five guns were lined up and every minute or so, one was fired.  Sunlight shone through the smoke.  Soldiers stood at attention.  My thoughts turned to Victoria Park back home, where ceremonies would be taking place a short time later.

In general, my thoughts are never far from home.  I don’t ‘miss’ the place exactly.  I’m thriving in Toronto, but home is home.  I’ll always care.

Today has a slate full of writing.  My goal is to finish my feature film script by Sunday.  The structure’s already in place.  The dialogue is tight.  I just need to move it through time and space as I adapt it from a stage production to something for the big screen.  I think I hit page 42 last night in a place called ‘Bannock’.

Happy Remembrance Day everyone!

1 thought on “11.11.11

  1. We were in Calgary, but I still thought of you at 11:00 am. Remembering all the times we were in the armouries and you and the rest of the scouts in uniform. Glad you enjoy Toronto. Miss you though

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