The Place Between

It’s a bright sunny Wednesday morning.  The car is packed and in a couple hours I’l be on the highway, bound for Toronto.  Wow.

It’s been a great run.  Thank you Regina.  The last three weeks have been packed with the faces of loved ones as I prepared for this journey.  My last night in the city was spent with Courtney.  What an incredibly moving way to end my time here.

I’m sitting in Atlantis as I type this.  Just couldn’t leave without one more sit for a bit of time with my blog.  Funny though… as profound as this day is, I just don’t have that much to say about it.

This is the place between where I was, and where I am going.  The moment is fleeting, and holding onto it for very much longer is futile.  Let’s see what I have to say tomorrow about it.

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