A Full Weekend of Wandering Aimlessly

Interesting weekend.  The Saskatchewan Writers Guild AGM was this weekend, held at the Ramada, two blocks from my apartment.  I dropped in on Friday for the opening reception and wound up puking on the crawl home at 2am.  I was up six and a half hours later because Barb was coming over to pick up my book shelves.  That was hard.

I remember grabbing a bottle of rye out of some woman’s hand and downing it because she couldn’t finish.  It was probably that single act that sunk my next 24 hours.

The morning was alright.  Barb and I hung out.  I walked her to work then wandered into an art gallery.  ‘Jefferson Little’ was being shown.  Great stuff.  I actually own two ‘Jeffersons’.  Bought them back when he was known as ‘Jeff’ and we were both full time university students.  It was gratifying to see him still making art 17 years later (and selling it for a shitload of money).

I stumbled into Roca Jack’s, a coffee shop on 13th after that, but didn’t feel like staying.  On I went, passed the old Plains where my condo will be going up, and down Vic to Atlantis.  I stood in line for 30 seconds and suddenly felt the last of my energy slip away.  I turned tail and walked home.  Crawled into bed and stayed more or less in a horizontal position for the rest of the afternoon.

Later I roused myself enough to make the drive to Ron’s.  We watched football while Angie’s friends showed up for her stagette (they’re getting married in November).  Shawn showed up a short time later and we just hung out, subdued, drinking beer.  It turns out Ron hit Friday even harder than me.

Sunday morning I was up early again to attend the SWG’s AGM and got myself elected to the board of directors.  I didn’t mean for that to happen, but a number of people encouraged me to let my name stand.  I’m approximately 2% more important now.

I walked across downtown to Benji’s afterwards to assemble for the Rider game.  They lost.  I didn’t especially care.  It was nice to see the fellas.  Overall, it was a weekend packed with people in my life.  People, alcohol and wandering aimlessly.  Kind of almost perfect.

1953 – 1956 Ford F100

I put my car up for sale last week.  Still no nibbles.  Haven’t been that serious about selling it just yet anyway.  I still need it for a couple of weeks.

This whole ordeal has been somewhat undesirable to think about.  It was worth $32,000 brand new and I leased it for $500/month for four years.  Then I bought it for $17,000 + taxes and I’m selling it for somewhere between $10,500 and $12,500.  I really like that car, but it’s done nothing but cost me money.

There’s no way to win with the purchase of a brand new or newer vehicle.  I’m not fond of driving some old junker either.  What to do?

I spent most of Thanksgiving Monday completely obsessed with researching old trucks.  I eventually narrowed my search down to the 1953 – 1956 Ford F100.  Put $15,000 into a truck like that, drive it everyday for years, then sell it – I’ll still get $15,000.  Every cent I spend upgrading that truck, I’ll get back out.  Air, cruise, tilt, power steering, power windows, heated seats, bucket seats, coffee cup holder – I can have it all, and look cool doing it.

My next vehicle purchase will be a truck like that.  Maybe I’ll even teach Jazzy how to drive in a truck like that.  Wouldn’t that be something?


I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing in my blog.  This time it’s a Robin’s Donuts in North Regina.  I took my Jetta in for regular maintenance and decided to stay in this end of the city because I’m teaching at O’Neill later this afternoon.

Yesterday was a day full of syrupy goodness.  It started at Atlantis having coffee with Linda.  She’s a big fan of my work after being my program manager on several projects.  We don’t talk shop very much these days.  She’s just a really cool person who’s lived an interesting and colourful life.  She’s happily married with children and now in her forties, couldn’t be happier with where her life has taken her.  How many can say that?

In the afternoon I swung by Courtney’s place.  It’s the third time I’ve seen her this year (the first being the time I bumped into her on the street).  My heart no longer flutters when I’m around her, but she still moves me.  She’s someone who’s always tried to become a better person, but shit from her past kept dragging her down.

She says all the right things.  Where we had troubles in the past, there was never anything self serving about her actions.  If anything, they were self destructive.  I suppose that’s why I always kept the candle burning for her.  I believed she meant well, but just couldn’t overcome herself.

Our visit was warm.  She seems headed towards a good place.  I genuinely wish the best for her.  It’s easier maybe too, because I’m leaving for Toronto in three weeks.  There’s no designs on being with her someday.  I’m very cautious about where those heart strings go.

I worked until after midnight on Greg’s video.  I thought I’d be done by now, but it’s taking me much longer than I expected.  I keep noodling.  I keep doing more than I intended.  I really like working on it.  I have more to do today.  Greg’s seen an assembly cut and he’s thrilled with it.  I’m looking forward to finishing today.

More or Less Good

Just finished with Thanksgiving Weekend.  I spent it almost entirely with family (watching football).  Grama and Papa Lee were in town watching mom’s dogs, so I took advantage of some home cooking.  They’re also good for a game of cards.  None of the people in my life play cards.  Gonna have to find a way to remedy that.

Today I’ll be finishing a music video for Greg.  He’s got a play going up at the Globe next spring and again at another venue in Saskatoon.  This video is about promoting those events.

I also have a new draft of the Easy Over script to write.  It’s been a couple days since Rob gave me his notes and I’m getting itchy to finish it.  We’ll see how the day goes.  That’s a lot to fit in, and I don’t exactly move at that incredible a pace.

It’s October 11 today and I’m still walking around in shorts and sandals.  Must be some kind of personal record.  It could also be some kind of ‘denial’.  My headspace remains good.  I’ve been going to the Y lately for quick 30 minute workouts.  I’ve been making a point of seeing friends and family I won’t get to see once I leave.  I’m living somewhat close to the present and flowing somewhat more or less with the way of things.  Just a few more big items left to sell and I’ll be more or less portable.

It’s a good kind of feeling.

Catching Up On Catching Up

I would have written sooner, but I was occupied writing a script.  Finished it last night and met with Rob this morning.  He likes it a lot but recommended changes.

The blow to my ego this time was non-existent.  I was expecting changes because after all, it’s only a first draft and I felt things were a bit loose in spots even while writing it.  I chose not to get bogged down with small details so I could see the work as a whole.  Now that I’m here, it’s much easier to go back and make better decisions.

I would have written sooner, but the script took me longer to write than I planned.  It was about 18 hours worth of effort all together, which matched my expectations, but those hours were spread over a larger number of days.  I was hoping to have the draft written by Thursday night, but there was a lot going on this week.

I had two modelling sessions this week at the university totalling about five hours of standing in a room naked, staring at a spot on the wall.  The prospect of nude modelling used to scare the hell out of me, which is why I chose to do it.  Now it’s like buying groceries.  It’s a state of being.  In this moment I’m wearing a robe.  In this next moment I’m naked.

Made a girl blush when I smiled at her while she drew me.  That was kind of funny.

I also taught two script writing classes this week at the high school.  The kids seem into it, even if it’s not quite their thing.  They’re taking ownership of the process because they’re learning how to tell their own story.  It’s fun to watch.  I’m proud of them.  Really, genuinely proud of them.

Gotta run home now.  Someone’s coming over to check out my couch & love seat.  Cross your fingers for me.


I took my camping equipment over to Mom’s last night.  Took it right out of my storage closet.  Marks the first of my ‘packing’.  I still have no idea how the next few weeks will unfold.  One bin at a time is my best guess.

I’ll be taking my car in for a thorough cleaning then putting it up for sale.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Regina’s a tough city to get around in without a car.  On the other hand, the resulting fat wad of cash will provide much calm to my uncertain future.

Phillie’s been on my mind too.  There’s no question he needs to be a part of my move because he’s a big part of my livelihood.  He’s also not exactly compact.  Put’s a wrench in my little ‘backpack and a fat wad of cash’ plan.  There also remain a variety of hard drives and other accessories that I may leave behind until I have a place nailed down.  I’m coming back for the Christmas holidays, so that trip will provide an opportunity to restock myself if I need more clothes or equipment.

I’m trying to find a handle that permits me to establish myself in Toronto without putting down deep roots.  Opportunities like this come infrequently.  Musing about a lifestyle that permits me to pick up and leave on a moment’s notice has been a constant theme in my life, and here it is!  Toronto’s a hub to everywhere else in the world.  Half the cost of a plane ticket to anywhere is flying through Pearson Int’l Airport.

I guess I just realized my goal is simple.  I need a package to hold Phillie and a backpack for me.  Anything else that doesn’t fit – doesn’t make the trip.

Good Things

It’s a warmish Saturday afternoon on this sunny first day of October.  The beginning of September feels like a million miles away.  What a month!

I feel like the world’s been taken off my shoulders.  I see light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s amazing how much luminance a ray of hope brings.  I’m back to being me again.

A whole new section of City Square has opened up.  Demolition has begun on my condo.  Ron came and took half my living room away (for money).  Things are in motion.  The world is turning and I’m riding a wave.

I have no idea how these next few weeks will unfold.  Don’t need to.  This is a time for counting my blessings.  I’m savouring my last few weeks in the city I love, with the friends and family and colleagues who mean so much to me.

Funny how it takes hard times to really appreciate the good things in life.