Final Sleep

Slept in my apartment for the final time last night.  It was a deep peaceful sleep on my futon, the last of my big furniture.    It was also a much needed sleep.  Didn’t hit the pillow until 3:30am the previous night, and was up four hours later.  The day was non-stop after that.

I still have to pack up all my little things.  Not too worried about it.  I bought three large plastic bins to go with the three I already had.  Between all of them, my stuff should stow away nicely.  Shyanne’s coming over at 1 to help me clean.  Shawn’s coming over at 4:30ish to help me move those bins.

I started my day at O’Neill, teaching photography to Ms. Swalla’s Photography 20 class.  She’s seen what I’ve been doing in Dean’s class and she’s been bugging me to come and talk to her class.  A promise is a promise and besides, I really enjoy talking to students.

I was too tired to write yesterday but I did take the time to review the submission requirements for my play.  Turns out it doesn’t need to be finished, so long as enough of it is there to warrant some workshopping.  We’re allowed to include notes on problems we intent to fix, and directions we wish to go.

I read through it with Jamie last night and it feels good.  It still needs some additional scenes, but the ones that are there have been shored up.  Instead of writing new scenes today, I’ll take an hour to prepare some notes and mail the submission.  After that, it’s full steam ahead packing.

Here’s to a good day.

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