Like A Leaf

Bright sunny Sunday morning in Regina.  Too bright to sit in the window of Atlantis.  That’s alright though.  The theme these days is to go with the flow.  I’m sitting in the shade right now.

I just sold my credenza.  Collected the money and everything.  It’s a huge weight off my mind.  Don’t even care that I practically gave it away.

Here’s a tip for you bargain hunters out there; buy your shit ‘used’, towards the end of the month, when people are more interested in unloading stuff, than having to deal with it during a move.

I finished the video for YBC last night.  That leaves me all day today and tomorrow to finish my play.  I suspect I’ll get some packing done during that time as well.  I’m going to write a scene today and another one tomorrow.  Should leave it in good enough shape to submit.

I really do feel like a leaf floating down the stream.  There’s not much I have control over right now.  I make plans and they don’t quite unfold the way I expect.  I leave things to the universe, and they fall into place.  Trusting in the latter is something I need to work on – especially with all these blind leaps I’ve been taking lately.

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