Toronto Dicks

So I started nosing in my ‘Dick’ play and it’s gonna take more than a day to get it into shape.  I thought it was so good when I wrote it (in 24 hours), but it doesn’t hold up to a close dramaturgical scrutization.  I still think it has great potential, but like the Saskatchewan Roughriders this year, that potential ain’t realized just yet.

As mentioned once or twice previously, I’m leaving town.  So writing a play whilst packing up my shit is a bit of a challenge.  Having said all that, it’s not like I’m doing much of anything else anyway.  I’m quite certain that I could have all my shit together in a half day, and stored in a half day after that.  I have a shoot coming up on Thursday night and I’ll be tied up working on that ‘til Saturday.

I guess this means I have two full days to write a play that’s already half written.  Can you think of anything more productive to set my mind on?

In other news, it seems I have an apartment lined up in Toronto.  Furnished, 5 clicks from downtown and in my price range.  Two of my theatre friends out there helped me find it.  Feels like things are just falling into place.

Feels really like things are falling into place.  I have a place of my own in TO.  Makes it feel like… NOT theoretical.  Like I’m flowing and everything’s gonna be alright.

Alright, alright.

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