Ten Days Hence

And we’re away.  Rhonda is doing a budget breakdown based on the script I wrote for Easy Over.  Rob hired a locations scout.  The wheels are in motion and I’m excited.

I was also just hired to create a couple of videos for the Youth Ballet Company.  I’m going to finish the first one tomorrow and shoot the second one next week.  I’ll take the footage to Toronto with me.  It’s a timely gig and I’ll appreciate the contribution to my moving fund.

I also spent three hours standing naked in a room while other people drew me.  Apparently I’m good at it because Leesa, their professor, wrote a letter of recommendation for me and offered to set me up with some gigs in TO.  Jarrett Rusnak, Nude Model.

Supper with Shy followed that.  I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like, but it’s just kind of worked out that way.  It’s a far cry from twice a week when we were taking that philosophy class together.

PJ, Jazz & Denny get into town tonight.  They’re staying at mom’s and I’ll be heading over for supper.  I want to show Jazz City Square before she leaves.  We walked through it nearly everyday when she was here this summer, watching it come together.  It’s a small thing, but something I’ve been thinking about doing with her for a while now.

Ten days.  Lots to pack and get done before I leave.  Almost seems like a lifetime away.  I wonder what my entries will look like a month from now.

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