A Personal Note for Each of Them

Got together with the Romanian Syndicate last night at the Four Seasons.  We do this a couple times a year, usually to spend someone’s winnings from a football or hockey pool.  This time it was a little more loaded.

Rodney lost his twin brother Russ to a heart attack on Monday.  We thought about cancelling the event, but realized more than ever, it was even more important to be together.  Rich and Deb are Saskatoon bound.  I’m off to Toronto.  Life has brought change to our group.  It was a time to remember what we all mean to each other.

Rodney was the last to show and he got a big hug from each of us.  When pizza arrived we had a prayer for Russ.  From then on it was about living, laughing, and being irreverent.  We drank a lot of beer and helped ourselves to the Karaoke bar.  Everyone was up there at one time or another.

I don’t remember having a better time with those guys.  I was really moved.  More hugs at the end of the night and when I got home, I took an hour to write a personal note to each of them on our football blog.  My head hit the pillow at 2am.

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