Some Kind of Record

That was unexpected.

Tara came over in the afternoon and we finished the Arts Board proposal for the Vertigo Reading Series.  We had to knock on the door to get them to receive our package because we were about 7 minutes passed the deadline.  They took it and we celebrated with a couple of pints at Bushwakers.  Haven’t been there since I moved my office.

From there we met Jim at La Bodega.  Jim is a principal at Brown, Sponsor of Vertigo, and a good friend.  We go back a few years and we’ve taken to doing drinks once a month.  On the way out I bumped into Rob and Tammy.

In I went right after them.  We talked more about Easy Over, Toronto, old times and Firefly.  It seems they’re talking about making the leap to Toronto as well.  I invited them to share a piece of a couch with me.  They paid for my drink.

Two weeks and I’m outta here.  That thought crossed my mind as I had to pee, so I piloted my car to Tanya’s.  For some reason, she’s the one friend I feel comfortable dropping in on, at any time of day or night.  She also happens to be my banker (although we were friends before that happened).  Among other things, we talked about my car, money outstanding on the loan, and complications with selling it.  I might just be better off hanging onto it.

So I’m driving home and I get a text from Tamara, who was in the mood for a friend with a great set of ears.  We talked until late.

Five different people in one evening.  Must be some kind of record.  It feels good to have so many different kinds of people in my life.  It feels like I’m doing something right.

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