1953 – 1956 Ford F100

I put my car up for sale last week.  Still no nibbles.  Haven’t been that serious about selling it just yet anyway.  I still need it for a couple of weeks.

This whole ordeal has been somewhat undesirable to think about.  It was worth $32,000 brand new and I leased it for $500/month for four years.  Then I bought it for $17,000 + taxes and I’m selling it for somewhere between $10,500 and $12,500.  I really like that car, but it’s done nothing but cost me money.

There’s no way to win with the purchase of a brand new or newer vehicle.  I’m not fond of driving some old junker either.  What to do?

I spent most of Thanksgiving Monday completely obsessed with researching old trucks.  I eventually narrowed my search down to the 1953 – 1956 Ford F100.  Put $15,000 into a truck like that, drive it everyday for years, then sell it – I’ll still get $15,000.  Every cent I spend upgrading that truck, I’ll get back out.  Air, cruise, tilt, power steering, power windows, heated seats, bucket seats, coffee cup holder – I can have it all, and look cool doing it.

My next vehicle purchase will be a truck like that.  Maybe I’ll even teach Jazzy how to drive in a truck like that.  Wouldn’t that be something?

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