I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing in my blog.  This time it’s a Robin’s Donuts in North Regina.  I took my Jetta in for regular maintenance and decided to stay in this end of the city because I’m teaching at O’Neill later this afternoon.

Yesterday was a day full of syrupy goodness.  It started at Atlantis having coffee with Linda.  She’s a big fan of my work after being my program manager on several projects.  We don’t talk shop very much these days.  She’s just a really cool person who’s lived an interesting and colourful life.  She’s happily married with children and now in her forties, couldn’t be happier with where her life has taken her.  How many can say that?

In the afternoon I swung by Courtney’s place.  It’s the third time I’ve seen her this year (the first being the time I bumped into her on the street).  My heart no longer flutters when I’m around her, but she still moves me.  She’s someone who’s always tried to become a better person, but shit from her past kept dragging her down.

She says all the right things.  Where we had troubles in the past, there was never anything self serving about her actions.  If anything, they were self destructive.  I suppose that’s why I always kept the candle burning for her.  I believed she meant well, but just couldn’t overcome herself.

Our visit was warm.  She seems headed towards a good place.  I genuinely wish the best for her.  It’s easier maybe too, because I’m leaving for Toronto in three weeks.  There’s no designs on being with her someday.  I’m very cautious about where those heart strings go.

I worked until after midnight on Greg’s video.  I thought I’d be done by now, but it’s taking me much longer than I expected.  I keep noodling.  I keep doing more than I intended.  I really like working on it.  I have more to do today.  Greg’s seen an assembly cut and he’s thrilled with it.  I’m looking forward to finishing today.

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