More or Less Good

Just finished with Thanksgiving Weekend.  I spent it almost entirely with family (watching football).  Grama and Papa Lee were in town watching mom’s dogs, so I took advantage of some home cooking.  They’re also good for a game of cards.  None of the people in my life play cards.  Gonna have to find a way to remedy that.

Today I’ll be finishing a music video for Greg.  He’s got a play going up at the Globe next spring and again at another venue in Saskatoon.  This video is about promoting those events.

I also have a new draft of the Easy Over script to write.  It’s been a couple days since Rob gave me his notes and I’m getting itchy to finish it.  We’ll see how the day goes.  That’s a lot to fit in, and I don’t exactly move at that incredible a pace.

It’s October 11 today and I’m still walking around in shorts and sandals.  Must be some kind of personal record.  It could also be some kind of ‘denial’.  My headspace remains good.  I’ve been going to the Y lately for quick 30 minute workouts.  I’ve been making a point of seeing friends and family I won’t get to see once I leave.  I’m living somewhat close to the present and flowing somewhat more or less with the way of things.  Just a few more big items left to sell and I’ll be more or less portable.

It’s a good kind of feeling.

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