I took my camping equipment over to Mom’s last night.  Took it right out of my storage closet.  Marks the first of my ‘packing’.  I still have no idea how the next few weeks will unfold.  One bin at a time is my best guess.

I’ll be taking my car in for a thorough cleaning then putting it up for sale.  I have mixed feelings about that.  Regina’s a tough city to get around in without a car.  On the other hand, the resulting fat wad of cash will provide much calm to my uncertain future.

Phillie’s been on my mind too.  There’s no question he needs to be a part of my move because he’s a big part of my livelihood.  He’s also not exactly compact.  Put’s a wrench in my little ‘backpack and a fat wad of cash’ plan.  There also remain a variety of hard drives and other accessories that I may leave behind until I have a place nailed down.  I’m coming back for the Christmas holidays, so that trip will provide an opportunity to restock myself if I need more clothes or equipment.

I’m trying to find a handle that permits me to establish myself in Toronto without putting down deep roots.  Opportunities like this come infrequently.  Musing about a lifestyle that permits me to pick up and leave on a moment’s notice has been a constant theme in my life, and here it is!  Toronto’s a hub to everywhere else in the world.  Half the cost of a plane ticket to anywhere is flying through Pearson Int’l Airport.

I guess I just realized my goal is simple.  I need a package to hold Phillie and a backpack for me.  Anything else that doesn’t fit – doesn’t make the trip.

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