Good Things

It’s a warmish Saturday afternoon on this sunny first day of October.  The beginning of September feels like a million miles away.  What a month!

I feel like the world’s been taken off my shoulders.  I see light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s amazing how much luminance a ray of hope brings.  I’m back to being me again.

A whole new section of City Square has opened up.  Demolition has begun on my condo.  Ron came and took half my living room away (for money).  Things are in motion.  The world is turning and I’m riding a wave.

I have no idea how these next few weeks will unfold.  Don’t need to.  This is a time for counting my blessings.  I’m savouring my last few weeks in the city I love, with the friends and family and colleagues who mean so much to me.

Funny how it takes hard times to really appreciate the good things in life.

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