Friday at 11:48am

I taught another script writing class at my old high school yesterday.  The kids seem into it and I really enjoy doing it.  I’m going to sit down with Dean to see how I can fit everything in before I go.  I also want to leave some sort of lesson plan behind so he can continue in future semesters where I left off.

I finished the first draft of my Arts Board script this morning.  I’ve been feeling luke warm about it since I began.  I touched on some themes that are close to me – themes I’ve been writing about for some time in this blog.  The work-in-progress felt weak somehow.  I said what I wanted to say, but it lacked a punch.

Until this morning, It was all dialogue.  Basically it was two monologues spelling each other off.  By about page 5, I was bored with it.  Then I wrote in the images.  Suddenly it changed dramatically for the better – with that very same dialogue.  I’ll give it another pass in an hour or so to see if it really is good.

Maybe I’ll go for a walk first.  I like to see how Regina continues to grow.  There’s a crane working on Hill Centre III.  Its boom towers over the rest of the city.  Demolition work is supposed to begin on the Plains Hotel, clearing the way for my condo to rise up.  City Square is also nearing completion.

Yep.  Go for a walk and then finish my proposal.  Seems like a plan to me.

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