I’ve been wandering around with musings about me, my backpack and a fat wad of cash to see me through the foreseeable future.  It feels good.  A perfect way to start a new life.

When PJ and I decided to separate, I moved in with Nadia, who was also going through a divorce.  We had nothing.  No furniture.  We slept on the floor – her in the living room, me in the bedroom.  It was a period in my life I reflect fondly upon.  The complete lack of possessions around us brought a sort of clarity.  I’m looking forward to having a little bit more of that in my life.

Furnished apartments in Toronto are cheaper than what I’m paying for now in Regina.  Nothing to do but show up, work, wander, and see where life takes me.

I already sold half my living room furniture.  The bedroom set has a few offers as well.  I have six weeks to shed all of it.  It’s a similar situation to my office a few months back.  Now I get to finish what I started.

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