East or West?

I’ve had a load on my mind for a few weeks now that’s sapped my desire to write blog articles about the things going on in my life.  I continue to impress people with my work, but that isn’t translating into financial success.  I am my career and my career has been suffocating.

I made the decision to leave at precisely 4:31pm, Friday afternoon in Atlantis.  Rob and I were wrapping up our meeting about the sitcom.  We got talking about the state of the industry here.  We said our goodbyes and I just looked out the window.  Something clicked.

It’s time to make a leap.  Toronto or Vancouver?  That’s the big question on my mind.  If I can’t green light my own projects from Regina, I need to fall back on finding work with someone else.  Pickings are slim here.  Talked to a lot of people, and nearly all have the same thing on their mind.  Time to go.

So many have left, that my list of contacts in Toronto are almost as long as my list of contacts in Regina.  Toronto is the largest film industry in Canada, and 4th largest market in North America.  Vancouver’s industry is largely American based and might be tougher to crack.  However, Vancouver also has Jazzy – at least for the next 10 months.

I’m gonna sell everything.  Get my worldly possessions down to the size of something that will fit on an airplane and take flight.  It’s time to see how I stack up against the best this country has to offer.

I’m circling November 1, 2011 on my calendar.

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