With My Hair Uncombed

Yup.  Forgot to comb my hair before I stepped out.  Now I’m sitting in Atlantis desperately trying to look like I meant to meet the world this way.  It’s the first time I left the apartment in over 36 hours.  Just kinda worked out that way.

I met with Rob yesterday and we gave my script another pass together.  He read it on the weekend and sent me notes.  My ego was a bit bruised because he didn’t fall down and kiss my feet upon finishing it.  Notes?  Really?  It’s not perfect?

Guess what?  It wasn’t perfect.  He brought up a lot of good points, and now the script is even better.  I’m pleased that the structure’s in tact and 90% of what I wrote is still in place.  That final 10% is the cherry on top.

I also finished re-writing a proposal for a friend who asked me to take a look at his project.  I have another proposal of his to start on later today.  It’s nice to balance my own projects with someone else’s.  Makes me feel like I’m not living in my own little world.

Damn!  You know this script is ready to shoot!  The producer may fund it privately just to give it a leg up on everyone else’s sitcom proposal.  And here I am… sitting on the ground floor.

With my hair uncombed.

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