Monday Morning

A wasp just crawled up my shorts and bit me on the back of the leg.  Normally I’m content to let them land on me, sniff around, and then move on.  Not this time.  The wasp was making a bee-line towards some very sensitive areas.  Needed to intervene and I knew it would result in a bite.  Wasn’t much of a decision though.  Get bit on the hamstring, or somewhere north of the hamstring?

Some good news arrived yesterday afternoon.  I have been hired to work on the writing team for a series that’s in development.  The fee is modest, but the job is real.  So are the players involved.  The producer is the financier behind some of the biggest film projects in the province.  The other person involved is the writer/director friend who’s been mentoring me on my own work.  My job is to polish his script.  It’s my first paid writing gig for someone who isn’t named me.

Today has much promise.  Still waiting to hear about my other news.  In the meantime I’m setting aside the day to finish the Red Cross gig.  The last of the materials I needed came in on the weekend.  I don’t want to begin the writing gig until the previous gig is complete.  Muddles the headspace otherwise.

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