Finishing Things Off Right

I finished my script on Saturday, but never really stopped writing it in my head.  There remained some loose strings that needed tying up.  Wasn’t worried about it though, percolating thinky thoughts have a way of solving problems in ways concerted efforts never will.

All those percolations resulted in some polish on Sunday and I’ll be giving it another pass today before sending it out the door to some trusted advisors.  It’s good methinks – really good.  We’ll see what happens next.

Jazzy flew in on Saturday night.  I left the Rider game early to meet her.  That’s how much I love her.  I did however force her to watch the end of the game with me in the airport on TV.

They didn’t win by the way.  Doing too much of that this season.  They lost three veteran receivers from last year’s squad and the offence isn’t moving the ball very well as a result.  It’s a long season and there’s still time to right the ship.  They have a winless BC squad next and Calgary at home on August 12.  Jazzy’s coming to that game with me.

Once we got home from the airport, Jazzy and I played music for each other until 1am.  She’s into top 40, but I’m trying to round her out with other influences.  Gonna try and keep up our little musical exchanges throughout the summer.

We had brunch at mom’s yesterday with Grama and Papa.  Jeremy and Amber were there too.  Afterwards we walked through the park and I read a chapter of Harry Potter to her out loud.  I sat on a bench and she soaked her feet in the lake.  We capped the night off, roasting hot dogs on the fire at Shawn’s.

It was a near perfect day!

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