Mike and I

My plan yesterday was to quite simply, write and edit.  Same plan as today.  Got a good start on Act III.  Not such a good start with the editing.

Gonna play the family card here.  Started the day off with breakfast and a load of laundry at mom’s.  I just dropped the bag at her feet, like how a cat might leave a dead bird for its owner.  Just looked up and smiled proudly.  “I made that.”

Grama and Papa Lee were also in town.  We ate breakfast together and then I got on with my day.  Later it was Mike’s birthday BBQ at my cousin Pat’s house.  There were still a lot of other family in town from George’s pomana.  Beers, burgers, belly laughs and a bon fire ensued.  Didn’t get home until 1:30am.

I remember riding with Mike in a grain truck on the family farm.  I was 10 and he was 25.  He really took a liking to me, just like how my uncle Paul took a liking to him a generation earlier.  We’ve had a close bond ever since.

I had him up on a pedestal in my early days.  It left a hellova scar when I came to see he didn’t belong on that pedestal.  The scar has since heeled over as I came to learn that no one deserves to be on any pedestal.

There’s a lot of miles in them thar memories.  As people trickled off, the fire grew dimmer, and soon it was just Mike and I.  We don’t get to see much of each other and as the years come and go, I’m learning to keep these moments in a special place.  Tomorrow is promised to no one.

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