Nice And Easy

Today feels like a nice easy day.  Woke up nice and easy and after a nice easy morning at home, took a nice and easy walk over to Atlantis for the usual coffee and a scone.

The only responsibility I have today is to make my way down to the sound stage and interview Rhonda Baker, the Saskatchewan producer on Rabbit.  After that, it’s all editing.

InJustice is getting attention.  Canamedia made a sale of Season I to an internet broadcaster, which should be good for international exposure.  Another distributor is interested in picking it up as well and seeing what they could do.  Maybe this will all lead to a Season II.

I’m going to split my time between editing and writing over the next two weeks.  Gotta finish my script and get it out the door.  I won’t have time otherwise if I’m on a movie next month.  Finished Act II a couple days ago and with a concerted effort, I should be able to finish it in a week.

Well… that’s about it for this entry.  No big news.  Nice and easy.

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