Last Day

Feels longer — the time I’ve taken between writing articles.  I spent a bunch of time on set, and a little bit of time in the edit suite working with the footage.  Cut a nice little segment together with Eamon Ferron and Conor Leslie.  Some powerful acting there.  Jen let me get in nice and close for the blocking and I got some great shots.  I wanted to thank her by providing the fruits of my labour this morning.

It’s three o’clock and we’ll be shooting ‘til midnight or later.  While I’m always interested in more dramatic moments, I’m focusing on finishing off my interviews today and tomorrow.  I have over 1 TB of footage already.  More than enough to tell the story of this movie.

Today is the last day of shooting.  Aside from more time spent in the edit suite, and more time spent with my script, I’m not sure what my next paying gig will look like.  Not really worried about it.  Got a feeling things are gonna fall into place.

Overall, this has been a good experience.  Learned lots about myself that I hadn’t expected to learn.  Made some new friends.  Kept the channel open with old ones.  Scratched some itches along the way.

I’m left with a powerful need to write.  Finished act two yesterday.  This script’s gonna be a gooder.

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