Clarity While Waiting

Back in the production office.  It’s been a good day.  Still a lot of standing around, but this time I stood around with vigour.  Vincent D’Onofrio flies out today and I absolutely had to make getting his interview a priority.

Stalk Vincent all day.   The mission was crystal clear.  I like that about crystal clear missions.  They’re very very clear.  Like crystal.

Clarity makes problems surmountable.  Obstacles aren’t really obstacles — they’re just things to deal with.  The camera department wanted my camera.  They found another.  The camera department wanted my SD cards.  I found another.  Vincent only had a narrow window available to talk.  I stood patiently and waited for it.  Finding time to shoot Vincent on set would be next to impossible.  I slipped in and out and got four shots.  Nothing to do now but wait for wrap.

The trick to this clarity was not to compliment it with other tasks.  Multitasking clouds clarity.  It makes the crystal opaque.

Gotta apply more of that to the rest of my life.

We also took a picture of Daniel with a knife stuck in his neck while waiting.  It helped to pass the time.

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