Writing, Riders, Hopes & Dreams

I spent a chunk of time yesterday hanging out with Damian, the screenwriter from the movie I’m working on.  More than anyone else, I wanted to meet him and talk about the craft.

He’s living a dream come true — something he wrote is being made into a movie with big names attached.  Has the potential to be a hit too.

Damian’s a regular bloke haling from Australia.  It’s his first time in Regina, and I quickly indoctrinated him into the Rider Nation.  Took him and his wife to the Rider game yesterday and I introduced him to the Romanian Syndicate.  The guys took a liking to him.  He said he had a great time at the game as well.

We wound up spending more time talking about hopes and dreams rather than the technical aspects of the craft itself.  He’s not much into musing about the nuts and bolts of story design.  He just writes.

In 20 minutes I’ll be meeting him again in front of his hotel and we’ll be slipping away to the sound stage to shoot an interview.  After that, we’ll be driving out to Moose Jaw to be on set.

I don’t plan to stay long.  I’m behind on my editing and really want to make a dent there by tomorrow evening.

The Riders lost to Montreal by the way, and I really don’t want to get into it.

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