I’m like that kid from ‘Almost Famous’.  I don’t belong to any particular group of people, but I have intimate access to everyone.  That’s what it’s like to be shooting EPK on a film set and it’s sort of like how I’ve been living my life.

Belonging to a group is distinctly different from being around a group.  When you’re around a group, you’re either on the inside looking in, or you’re on the inside looking out, but either way, you never stop looking.  Belonging to a group doesn’t involve any sort of observation.  You simply ‘be’long.

I have been free to dive in deeper here or there.  During one scene, there was a problem with the garage door.  I simply stepped in and started working the problem, as everyone else did.  Seamless transition from observing to being.  When we weren’t making progress, the AD and I suggested, at the same time, that we should finish this scene and fix the problem later.  That wasn’t my call to make, but I’ve been on set as an AD, PM, and/or Producer so often, that my instincts got the best of me.  Though no one seemed to mind, I made a note to myself to keep those types of suggestions to a minimum.  Things on a film set tend to unravel when individuals stray too far from their job descriptions too often.

Having said that, I was later recruited to help the Art Department out with some photos they needed to take of the cast, to be used as ‘family portraits’ on the next day’s set.  In this case my role was clearly defined, and I was able to get out in front and contribute creatively to the process.  It was a very small part in a great big undertaking in the scope of the movie.  Still, it felt good to contribute.

Today I’m going to start cutting some of my footage together and bring the fruits of that labour out to set tonight.  Part of me feels strange not being there at crew call, solving problems, and contributing to a team effort, but again, that’s my job description.  I’m not crew.  I’m an observer.  My job is to tell the story of the making of this movie.

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