Lunch With Julia Ormond

Julia Ormond and I finally found ourselves alone together.  It was a moment stolen from the rest of a hectic day.  I held the camera, ready to ask my first question, and then our eyes locked.  Time stood still.

She leaned forward….

…and squished a mosquito that was feeding on my forehead.  Then just as quickly, she was stolen away to resume blocking for a scene.

I eventually did get my interview with her.  It went well.  We’re not dating or anything, but I think that’s for the best.  We care about each other enough to let go of each other.  It’s an understanding we have… the long distance thing just won’t work.

In all seriousness, I had ample time to watch her these passed few days and she is a great person.  One is known for her actions.  The best example I can think of was lunch yesterday.  We’re on location in a farm yard.  Our lunch room was a barn.  She’s a Hollywood star and she waited in line, between one of the Grips and a Locations PA for her turn at the food.

That’s obviously what most people do when waiting in line for food, but not in the ego-driven hierarchy of the entertainment industry.  No raging egos on this movie.  Vincent D’Onofrio waited until everyone had gone through before getting his food and then returning to his trailer.

After wrap, I stood with David Buelow, the Los Angeles producer and chatted about the industry.  We were both being eaten by mosquitoes but he was content to stand there talking to me.  He is quick with advice and told me he’d read my script when it’s ready.  I thanked him, and he said it was no big deal.  Reading scripts is what he does.  Most all are rejected for various reasons, but you never know which ones have a chance until they get read.

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