Name Recognition

I’m going to be interviewing Julia Ormond on Monday.

That’s my new gig.  EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the feature film ‘Rabbit’.  I’m responsible for producing all the behind-the-scenes stuff and conducting interviews with key cast & crew.  I’ll also be interviewing Vincent D’Onofrio and director Jennifer Lynch (David Lynch’s daughter).  Maybe by the end of it, we could all become best friends and I’ll be dating Julia Ormond.  She’ll call me ‘Sweetie’ or something British, and I’ll call her… ‘Julia Ormond’.

All my facebook friends would think I’m cool.  I also have my 20-year high school reunion coming up, and I’ll have to be sure to drop those names, casually.

In all honesty, when I watch a movie, I seldom pay attention to who the actors are, or who directed it.  I had to google everybody’s name and that’s when I recognized the faces, and the projects they worked on.  I actually like that about myself.

There are exceptions.  I might have mentioned my religious devotion to Joss Whedon and anything he ever had anything to do with.  It’s also impossible to NOT know what certain Hollywood superstars look like.  Still, as Joss wrote in Serentity, ‘We’re all just folk now.’

I am becoming a fan of David Buelow, the Los Angeles producer on this movie (the Saskatchewan producer also has my eternal devotion).  He’s a filmmaker, not a suit.  He cares about making something, and not the frills of being important.  He treats everyone, even those occupying the lowest crew positions, with respect.  I could learn a lot from him.

I’m having a war with my ego right now.  Part of me wants to scream from the rooftops the significance of my self importance now that I have this gig.  The rest of me is trying to manage a healthy sense of perspective.  It’s been a hard year full of promise.  I get more fulfillment out of creating something that moves an audience than I do from glomming onto egotistical fodder.

Just gotta keep my nose down.  Be the light.  Walk a true path.  Date Julia Ormond.

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