Acting Up To Next Week

While I’m waiting for pending movie gigs to sort themselves out, I’ve been diving into the writing of my spec script.  As I’ve said before, there’s no warm body I can curl up with, or drug I can take, that feels better than writing a great script.

I spent the majority of my time over the last week mapping out the story structure.  Wrote Act I in a few hours.  Spent a few more yesterday refining it before starting on Act II.  There remain some holes in Act III and IV that I’m not quite sure how to navigate.  They’ve been there since the story design phase.  I decided to just start writing and see what discoveries I could make along the way.  Things have a way of working out once you give the characters a say in the matter.

I feel like I have a limited window to get this done.  The series goes to camera next week.  I might also be tied up on a movie by that time.  Not only that, but the longer I take with it, the lower my chances of having it actually picked up.  The producers will be so far into their production cycle, that there may not be an opportunity to fit it in, even if they do like it.

It all boils down to a hard deadline of finishing a draft by the weekend.  Got a full day ahead of me, let’s see where I wind up.

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