This guy is sitting next to me in the window.  I’ve seen quite a bit of him lately and I’ve been meaning to say ‘hi’.  It’s nice to have a familiarity with the regulars I figure.

So he turns to me out of the blue and says he can guess what I do based on how I look and what I’m wearing.  Seems like a good way to break the ice.  I’m game.  He looks at me and can see that I’m wearing sandals, cargo shorts, and a t-shirt that says, ‘Timecode Pictures’ on the front.

“Accountant,” he says.

The preseason Rider game was a good time.  Sun came out but the wind was gusting to 80 km/h.  Lancaster’s grandson, Marc Mueller, looked good in his debut.  In his first play from scrimmage, he dropped back, looked field side, then came back to the boundary and threw a screen pass that went nine yards.  Edmonton ran on the next play to convert the first down.  He was sacked for a 10 yard loss on the next play, and then with the composure of a seasoned pro, he came back, threw a dart 24 yards down the middle into tight coverage for a first down.  The crowd cheered, despite the fact he was playing for the enemy.  He completed his third attempt and that was it.  Edmonton brought in the next QB for a look.  The crowd was disappointed.  Mueller finished the game, 3 for 3 for 45 yards.  Edmonton’s starting QB (who played most of the first half) was 3 of 9 for 33 yards.

I finished watching the CBC series I’m planning to spec write for.  Bit of a wrench thrown in the works.  Season II ended with everyone’s roles being turned upside down.  Perhaps the producers weren’t expecting it to be renewed?  They set it up so that a number of characters may simply never have to show up again.

Even so, I think I can still salvage my idea.  At the very least, I’ll write it so that the plot can remain in tact while the locations and minor characters can be adjusted.  At the very very least, it’ll give ‘em a chance to see my writing chops.  It’s all in the name of getting my work in front of someone.

Put me in coach, let me show you what I can do.

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