There’s a face I think I recognize sitting a couple chairs down from me.  It’s an attractive face that goes with an equally sleek body.  We nodded an hello to each other when she first walked in.  Is she… I’m going to ask.

No.  I’m not going to ask.  Alright, if I catch her eye, I’ll ask.

I’m terrible at recognizing faces.  I think it’s a brain thing.  I googled facial recognition once and found a whole schwak of psychology related to it.  There’s an actual part of the brain dedicated to facial recognition.

I think mine’s broken.

I think mine’s broken, and also it’s lead to embarrassing situations.  In times passed, I’ve misidentified individuals and acted a little too ‘familiar’ for someone who turned out not to be familiar at all.  I guess my problem ultimately is rejection.

I can be fearless in situations that would paralyze others, but talking to someone who might be a perfect stranger knots my stomach.  Correction… talking to a perfect stranger, for no good reason, who happens to be beautiful, knots my stomach.

What a dumb thing to be scared of.

I talked to PJ on the phone yesterday and we made a deal.  She’s been dragging her ass getting her comps done for her PhD.  I made a commitment to write a spec script. There’s work that needs doing, and we both have a tendency to blow our deadlines off.  To this end we made a pact to hold each other accountable to a July 5 deadline.

Feels good.  Feels like I’m on a mission.  I remember being in a certain frame of mind when I was writing ‘Highwaymen’.  It’s happening again.

I recognize that feeling.

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