Went to the gym this morning and threw up after my workout.  That’s what I get for not eating anything prior to starting.  Just as well.  I didn’t move very far from the couch yesterday, except to cook up the last of Grama’s homemade sausage and watch more TV.  I figure starting the day off with an intense workout would be a proper penance to pay.

I finished Caprica last night.  Not bad.  My head hit the pillow with dreams full of it swirling in my mind.  It’s not as good as BSG or Firefly.  Too much going on in too compressed a period of time.  There are episodes where major characters drop completely off the map, not to be seen until several episodes later.  It’s also weird to see a character as a protagonist in one episode, only to play a minor role to some other protagonist’s story in other episodes.  Sadly, the series was cancelled after only one season.  I would have liked to see the producers get another crack at it.  Season I of most great TV series are seldom the best of those series.

Watching it got me thinking about Highwaymen again.  Of all the things going on my career, nothing would give me more satisfaction than to green light that series.  Writing drama is something I’m keenly interested in pursuing.  If I can’t get my own series going, I suppose spec writing an episode of someone else’s drama would be my only other chance to break into that genre.

Highwaymen came up in other facets of my life too.  When I stopped by Mosaic on Friday, I ran into Bobby Jurasin, a legendary Roughrider defensive end from the late 80’s and 90’s.  He remembered me from when I was with the team.  Memories of drinking beer with him and others from the offensive and defensive lines during training camps came flooding back.  I also remember the day he was cut.  It was like his heart got ripped out.  Greg Marshall, the Riders’ current Head Coach, was his position coach at the time.

I got Bob’s email and he’s excited to read my script.  I’d love to cast him in some cameo role.  At the very least, I’d enjoy picking his brain for war stories someday.

It’s getting on to Sunday evening, and I’d like to get into some reading.  Too much TV in the last few days.  The guilt is killing me.

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