Barbed Thinky Thoughts

I’m excited about an upcoming photo shoot with Barb.  She’s an ambitious journalist, a passionate writer, and a beautiful human person.

We spent a few hours last night getting to know each other so that when it comes to camera time, we’ll be a little freer to find some kind of a spark together.  I showed her my portfolio and we discussed ideas.  Thursday’s gonna be a gooder.

Today has the first Roughrider practice of the year in store.  Starts in an hour and the Romanian Syndicate is counting on me for some kind of a report.  I’m taking the assignment very seriously and I plan to make each thinky thought pulled from my ass to be somewhat not shitty.

I’ll also be crashing the Library later, looking to suss up some stories on ancient history.  Gonna follow up on a lead I got from History Television last week.  After that, it’s yoga for some much needed work on the mind & body.


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