Battlestar Galactica

‘Fish Store Sexy’ is a new phrase I wish to enter into the vernacular.  The words just kinda came out my mouth when I ran into Tamara.  She charged out of the fish store on 13th as I was walking by.  She looked kinda sexy.

Probably didn’t need that last sentence, but if the literary bar starts low, it can only get better right?

Speaking of low bars, I’ve been watching a lot of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ – the original 1978 series.  I remember seeing it as a kid.  Played with the toys that came out.  That’s about it.  The memories are a bit foggy otherwise.

The series was ‘re-imagined’ in 2004 to high critical acclaim.  It spawned four seasons, which I quietly devoured over the last three months.  It’s a great series.  Almost as good as ‘Firefly’.  Can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it until recently.

So as I said, I’m now watching the original 1978 series and my predominant thoughts revolve around how incredibly cheesy it is.  Bad acting.  Bad writing.  Bad wardrobe.  Bad music.  Bad FX.  Poor directing.  The list goes on.  I’m watching it because I find its cheese to be incredibly interesting.  This was a highly rated series in its day.  This represented the pinnacle of 1970’s television.  This is what a million 1978 dollars got you per episode.

I fantasize about travelling back in time with the modern series and playing it for a 1970s Battlestar Galactica audience.  This re-imagined series would be beyond anything they could ever imagine.   However, the brilliance of it comes from how much they would actually recognize.  As an homage to the orgininal series, the re-imagined series builds a lot of 1970’s technology into its sets.  Wired phones.  Rudimentary graphic displays.   Fighters and space ships are even modelled after their original counterparts.  The cheese has been scrubbed clean and the seeds of a great idea are left naked to sprout anew.

You could even say it’s fish store sexy.

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