So here’s the deal… Whenever I start bitching about not getting into the groove, call ‘bullshit’.  All I gotta do is start, and then I’ll be fine.

How many times have I said that to myself?

After putting the finishing touches on the momMe proposal for an UK Brand sponsor, I met with Chelsea and Vicci from the high school class I volunteer at.  They’re working on a game of their own, and need advice.  In trying to help them see a way forward, I couldn’t help but look inwards.  How many times have I sought the same thing for my own projects?

I lent them $80 to attend a ‘convergent media’ workshop during the Yorkton Short Film Festival and introduced them to PJ over the phone, who immediately took a liking to them and their work.  Hopefully it works out for them.

Afterwards I went over to Jamie’s for supper.  She wants to form an acting group, and asked me to teach/direct.  I will be providing my play, ‘That Moment In Between’ for study.  I know it intimately well, and it has a number of scenes that will work for a variety of group dynamics.  We start Monday night.

Bit of a weak effort with the blog today.  I could make it better, but that would take time away from diving into some other writing I wish to begin.  Tomorrow’s effort will be more betterer.  I promise.

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