Gonna Be

I’ve been in a lousy mood lately and I decided to stay away from my blog as a result.  The world doesn’t need to hear me bitching about the things I do not have.  I actually had an article sitting on my computer from last Friday that I didn’t publish.  Just deleted the final two paragraphs and called it ‘Four Disparate Paragraphs’.

On Monday I hosted an open mic event to launch the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.  Writers of all stripes were welcome to step up and share their work with a receptive audience.  I didn’t have great expectations for it, but we wound up filling the room beyond capacity.  People seemed to enjoy themselves and more importantly, they seemed to laugh at my jokes (mostly because they were drunk).  People I never met before started to friend me on facebook as a result.

I also spent time with Kate over the last couple of days helping her get an audition reel together.  She came over Monday morning and I turned my living room into a studio space.  She sang, played a guitar, and performed a monologue.  As I said, I was feeling pretty shitty about myself at the time, but something clicked into place.  How many people get to say that they start their day with incredibly talented artists performing and doing their thing in your living room?  When combined with the really amazing people I met at the reading a few hours later, I had no more shit left in my shitty feeling tank.

I’m now about about a quarter way through a pint at O’Hanlon’s.  I’m sitting by myself at a table, alone, without anyone sitting with me.  Just came from an afternoon’s worth of meetings with three broadcasters who flew into town to meet with Saskatchewan producers and I’m in a celebratory mood.  My projects were received well enough, but that’s not why I’m drinking.  Actually, I don’t know why I’m drinking.

I’m here.  The light at the end of the tunnel is within reach.  I’m gonna be okay.

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