Four Disparate Paragraphs

I’m sitting in the Last Straw and Dean will be joining me in a few minutes.  I just finished teaching in his class and draining a pint seemed like the right thing to do on this final day before the Rapture.

I actually googled ‘Rapture’ this morning, and I couldn’t find any websites that actually took it seriously.  I don’t buy it either, but still, it would have been interesting to read someone’s perspective who actually believed their existence on this earth would be ending tomorrow at 6pm (local time).  Maybe they would be agreeable to giving me money or something.

I sent the CBC proposal out this morning instead of last night.  I decided that I wanted to hear my script read out loud before sending it off.  To that end, I dropped in on Tanya and her friend Mike.  We drank beer and I read them my 53 page script.  It feels like it holds together.  I’ve also been watching episodes of CBC’s other shows to see how ‘Highwaymen would fit in as a drama.  I’m optimistic.

On Monday I’ll be hosting an open mic event as part of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.  Writers are encouraged to step up and share their words with a receptive audience in an intimate space.  I plan to read some articles from my blog.  I’m looking forward to sharing the stage and meeting new people.

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