Meandering With the Peddle Down

In my natural habitat I am a meandering unfocused being who becomes infused with spontaneous bouts of inspiration.  I have a hard time keeping the peddle down for long periods of time.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  The vacuum provides the space for my mind to sprawl out and be.

Still, I could stand to drill deeper when I think good enough is good enough.  That’s the lesson I learned this week.  I don’t need new projects to develop while I wait for the old ones to green light.  There’s always more I could be doing.

An avalanche of opportunity came down upon me when all I did was poke around in the aether a bit.  I am both my own advocate and saboteur.  Work hard to push the success of my projects to a singular moment in time, then get stuck in that moment.

There’s still time for long meandering walks and thinky thoughts thunk in the quiet of a solitude.  I just can’t stop doing all that other stuff too.  I’m putting a proposal for Highwaymen out the door today.  I’m moving forward.  I’m no longer concerned about a phone call that looms imminent.  It’s something that’s out of my hands.

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