Down Then Up

Yesterday was a hard day.  I thought about throwing in the towel, turning on the TV and playing video games.  Of course I didn’t, because I knew that would only make me sink lower.  It took all my effort to get my head in the game.  Been too occupied with shit that’s beyond my control.  I can only do what I can do right?

I phoned PJ up and blew off some steam.  Seemed to help.  Then I started scratching at the nooks and crannies of my projects.  Downloaded the CMF’s annual report and did research.  I wanted to learn more about who the players are in the different genres I’m pitching in.  Who are the broadcasters?  Who are the production companies?  Where are they based?  What are their budgets?

This research sent me down a rather unfocused meandering path, which was probably the best way to do it.  You don’t climb mountains in a straight line.  I looked at two or three production companies who work in two different genres.  I took names.  I bounced around.  I wound up on CBC’s website where I discovered a trove of information.  More leads.

Most significantly, every new piece of information heightened my mood.  I saw new pathways.  Fresh opportunities.  My realm of possibilities grew significantly.

With that I set off for the gym.  I have this app on my iphone that tells me what to do when I’m there.  It’s like having a personal trainer, except it only cost me a buck 99.  Blood flowing through the brain at a high rate is good for the headspace too.  Besides, I had all these fresh opportunities to ponder on.  Might as well do it whilst sweating.

I came home and wrote ‘til 1am.  I’ll have a package ready for CBC in two days.  I’m downright inspired right now.  One hellova journey through the headspace in 24 hours.

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