White Water

My day began unexpectedly on a film set.  I had ‘Coffee with Layton’ written down on my calendar.  I didn’t realize that he was planning to have me sitting beside him in front of the director’s monitor while we sipped that coffee.  It’s been a very long while since I’ve been on a film set that wasn’t my own.  Years maybe.  Kinda got the juices turning a bit.  I even ran into a couple of other people I knew from back in those days.

I watched them set up and shoot one scene, then I left.  I hate standing around on someone else’s set doing nothing except drinking their coffee and eating their donuts.  Started life off as an ‘AD’ (Assistant Director).  AD’s run the set and make sure things are moving efficiently.  Usually there are four of them.  One runs the set, one looks after tomorrow’s schedule, one shepherds the actors to and from their dressing rooms/trailers, and one takes care of the next set-up.  People standing around doing nothing is the enemy of efficiency.  Time is money.

After coffee with Layton, I had a meeting with Brooks, whom I’ve known since he came to Saskatchewan in the 90’s as the Roughriders’ 1st Round Draft pick.  He played linebacker for six years before retiring and involving himself in a number of successful businesses.  The idea to talk to him about one of my projects hit me yesterday.  The meeting today was positive.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of him earlier.

That idea to meet with him came with several other ideas, most of them involving sitting down with people and keeping the channel open.  The arts and business community here is world class and vibrant.  After fifteen years of working in this industry, I’ve come to know many of them.  Even so, I have a tendency to run my affairs from seclusion.  I decided that I gotta get out more.  All of the work I’ve ever created for myself came NOT from written proposals, but from the nurturing of personal relationships with those who could help.

I keep writing about my future, as if all I have to do is hang in there, be my best, and it will all unfold.  Well dammit, the future is now!  I’m tired of sitting around and waiting for it all to unfold.  Any day now the phone could ring, and everything will change.  It’s been that way for well over a year.

I’ve also written extensively about how life is a constant flowing river.  Riding it out and working with the current (as opposed to fighting it) is the best way towards your destination.  Well… that’s no longer enough for me.

When I was 18, I shot white water in a canoe.  The rapids were rated 4 (out of 6), meaning they were dangerous, but navigable.  Shot them the first time, and barely made it through.  The canoe was full of water by the time we came out the other end.  The next two times we didn’t just ride those rapids, we attacked them.  Paddled like hell, with the current, and came out much better for it.

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