Politically Incorrect

With 40% of the popular vote, the Conservatives won a stunning majority in the Canadian election last night.  I was expecting them to take a minority, and shortly thereafter, fall to the left wing New Democratic Party, with support from the centre-left Liberals in Parliament.  It would have made for a hell of an interesting political story over the next little while.  Instead we have Darth Vader free to run amok for the next four years.

Next up on the agenda; all first borne children shall be eaten.  Women must chain themselves to their kitchens.  Federal arts funding may only be applied for in fantasy realms.  Social programs will give way to larger newer jails.

On a brighter note, Conservative majorities in Canada have a tendency to eat themselves within one or two election cycles, never to be heard from again for 20 years or so.  Most interesting, the separatist Bloc Quebecois has been decimated, winning only 4 seats (down 46 from their previous result).  The sovereignty movement in Quebec is dead.  The Liberals are also looking hard in the mirror this morning.  ‘The Natural Governing Party of Canada’ won only 34 seats, their worst result ever.  Not even their leader, Michael Ignatief, could hold his own seat.  He resigned this morning.  Most of the carnage from the Bloc and the Liberals led to a record number of seats for the NDP, who for the first time in history, will form Canada’s official opposition.  The Green Party also won a seat for the first time in history.

I am a bit of a political junky and I found this election fascinating.  Everyday I was consuming news articles.  Sat on the couch with my friend Tanya last night, drinking beer and watching the results come in.  Politically, the landscape is upside down and sideways.  It will take some getting used to.  Hopefully my country will still be recognizable four years from now.

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